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Welcome To Sydney Children’s Practice

Caring clinical psychology for children, adolescents & families.

At Sydney Children’s Practice, our mission is to help children and families feel better and be able to live life to the fullest. Our dedicated and experienced clinical psychologists help our clients with a warm and nurturing approach to help them to address their problems.

We commonly see clients with a range of issues including behavioural problems, anxiety, depression, school refusal, sleep disorders, anger management, OCD, and issues associated with ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

We at Sydney Children’s Practice understand that children and adolescents are part of a larger fabric that includes family and school communities. Our holistic approach often includes families, teachers and other care providers.

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Friendly and welcoming, the practitioners and administration team at Sydney Children’s Practice actively ensure that you are fully supported through the journey to better mental health and wellbeing.


We understand that every child and family is unique, and therefore tailor treatment to account for individual needs, values and beliefs.

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We aim to provide skills, strategies and knowledge which will remain with our clients and their families for a lifetime, so they will be prepared to navigate the many challenges life may bring.

In order to achieve the most successful outcomes, our methods of treatment are always informed by the latest scientific evidence and research from around the world.

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